Andy Kozel
Peru, IL
Began his career in college as a morning radio talk show host for 107.1
The Planet in Champaign, Illinois. At 20 years old, Andy's show became
very popular and received a #1 in the area ratings beating out
syndicated programs such as Bob and Tom and Mancow. After
graduating, he trained at the Second City in Chicago and then moved to
Los Angeles. Andy was recently voted "Top Dudes to Follow in 2013"
on Funny or Die.
Battle Of The Sexes
Friday ~ Feb 28th ~ 7:30PM ~ $15

Mee Heng Low Comedy Show
Saturday ~ Mar 1st ~ 5PM ~ $10

The Quipsters
Saturday ~ Mar 1st ~ 7:45PM ~ $15
T.V. Credits: Drawn for American Dad. Andrew the used car salesman.