Claude Stuart
Greenville, MS
From packing comedy venues across the globe to regular television
appearances on shows like “The Tonight Show", "That 70's Show", "Scrubs",
and "Comics Unleashed". After winning "The Funniest Person at SMU Contest"
during his senior year, Claude became instantly addicted to stand-up comedy.
Claude’s unique brand of Don Rickles-esque crowd interaction, coupled with
clever well-written jokes makes him not only the world’s first physical insult
comedian but a “comedy triple threat!” Watching Claude Stuart live is like
being stuck inside a condom: There's a lot of activity; it's unpredictable; and
when it's over; you're gonna need a towel!
Pure Stand Up
Thursday ~ Feb. 28th ~ 8PM ~ $15

Comedy Lounge
Friday ~ March 1st ~ 7PM ~ $15

90 Minute Abs
Friday ~ March 1st ~ 9PM ~ $15

The Bro Show
Saturday ~ March 2nd ~ 7:30PM ~ $15