Shannon Hatch
Virginia Beach, VA
Mee Heng Low Comedy Show
Friday ~ March 2nd ~ 5PM ~ $8

Hot Dame Comedy
Friday ~ March 2nd ~ 8PM ~ $15

Dames Vs. Bros
Saturday ~ March 3rd ~ 9PM ~ $15
As the firstborn heir to Philly Style Steaks & Subs in Norfolk, VA, Shannon Hatch
had a future of Kaiser rolls and extra mayo mapped out for her. But life took an
unexpected turn when stand-up comedy became Shannon’s one-way ticket out of
the cutthroat skater parks of Virginia and North Carolina. Shannon’s unhealthy
obsession with celebrities and current events lends itself to her dark and unique
brand of observational stand-up comedy, exposing the worst side of our culture’s
guilty pleasures. Shannon may not be your taste in comedy, but she’ll always know
a good steak and cheese.